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What are the benefits?

Dynamic propeller balancing increases component life span while improving the quality of flight for the passangers and crew. When vibrations are kept to a minimum, firewalls, engine mounts, exhaust stacks and avionics are subject to a less abrasive environment and are able to achieve a longer service life.

Why should I have my propeller or rotor balanced?

Would you even consider putting a new set of tires on your car without first having them professionally balanced? Even if your aircraft has a brand new propeller or set of rotor blades you should still have it dynamically balanced after it has been installed on your aircraft. By measuring the frequency of the combined engine and propeller vibrations, we are able to smooth out the components to a comfortable and safe level.

Our procedure for dynamic balancing:

  • Procedures for Dynamic Propeller balancing utilize Manufacturers Maintenance Manual and/or FAA Smooth Propeller Manual producing form FAA 337 at final closeout. All balance weight added to spinner bulkhead.

  • Procedures for Dynamic Main and Tail Rotor balancing utilize Manufacturers Maintenance Manual

  • Procedures for Engine Vibration analysis utilize Manufacturers Maintenance Manuals

"Balancing is still one of the best methods of reducing component stress and premature failure." -- Aircraft maintenance Technology Magazine Oct. 2000

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