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      Pre-Buy Inspection


Leverage our years of experience in helicopter maintenance to ensure the quality and value of your next aircraft purchase. Whether you are purchasing a  R-22 for a flight school or a Bell 407 for Med Evac flights, trust in Aerotech Services for a thorough and precise pre-buy inspection.


Our Inspections Include:

AD compliance


Full mechanical inspection

Full electrical inspection

Log book review


      Routine Maintance

Routine maintenance is the key to lowering the costs of any aviation program. Our detailed 100 hour, phase, and annual inspection programs are designed to help keep your aircraft running at peak perforamnce and minimize your aircraft down time.

      Dynamic Rotor Balancing

Vibrations throughout your aircraft can cause damage and fatigue to not only your mechanical structure but to your aircrafts electrical components as well. After your aircraft has undergone our main and tail rotor balancing process, your aircraft will be subject to less harmful vibrations and extend the component and avionic life span.


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